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We are Continuum Industries, an Edinburgh-based startup developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools that enable engineers to rapidly create and explore design options for infrastructure projects. We’re on a mission to help accelerate the path to Net Zero by speeding up the early stage design of large, complex infrastructure projects. In order to achieve these goals, we're searching for a Project Engineer (Infrastructure) who will relish the opportunity and challenge of working in a high-growth, fast-paced startup.

To date, our product, Optioneer, has successfully helped support the design of major electricity transmission projects, hydrogen pipelines, offshore wind farm export cables and challenging water pipelines. The projects we work on are built in, and influence the real world.

Our clients include many of the household names within the electricity and utilities sector who are currently embracing the once-in-a-lifetime challenge of rapidly upgrading and developing transmission systems which are necessary to support sustainable infrastructure of the future. Our solution plays an important role in helping them achieve this goal. 

Optioneer saves 2-12 months of work on an average project (depending on its size) and usually explores more than 10 million options which provides critical speed up and confidence in early stages of project development. This helps wind farms get connected to the grid faster, saves money for taxpayers in utility bills and reduces risks for infrastructure investors (like pension funds). 

Infrastructure project development is a complex task - and our product requires hundreds of engineering parameters, gigabytes of geospatial data and algorithms that should run with minimal human tuning. This presents us with some unique challenges, spanning from ensuring the return of correct and accurate solutions, to meeting the requirements of an increasingly complex and stringent consenting environment.

We are looking for a bright and curious engineer not afraid to work on the border between traditional engineering and cutting edge AI. You’d be joining a great team, backed by leading European Venture Capital investors, at a time when we’re starting to rapidly grow our team and the adoption of our technology. You will have a chance to use and develop state of the art technology in an established industry, dramatically improving the way in which critical infrastructure comes together. We hope you will be excited about these challenges and if you’ve read this far and are planning to apply, please mention the phrase ‘road to net zero’ in your application - we want to make sure you took two minutes to read this.
Your Responsibilities
  • You will work on some of the most exciting infrastructure projects across various geographies such as offshore wind farms, interconnectors, hydrogen pipelines, complex water pipelines and transmission lines. Typical project involves: 

    • Gathering project requirements and defining project deliverables with customers 

    • Gathering and processing geospatial (GIS) data

    • Operating Optioneer software to generate results for our customers

    • Iterating on results using Optioneer based on feedback from customers 

    • Putting together metrics for analysis of results, communicating these to customers 

    • Putting together deliverables for our customers - reports, analysis documents, visuals

  • Providing training and guidance to external users of Optioneer software

  • Provide specification for features of Optioneer app based on experiences in project delivery

  • Supporting our clients in maximising their use of Optioneer software and identifying opportunities for further deployment of the software

About You

Experience you’ll have

  • Broadly, a technical/environment/project management background and with a good, general understanding of the infrastructure world.

  • A few years experience working for an engineering consulting firm, contractor or asset owner. We’re also open to people who just started their career if you can show true passion for the industry.

  • Working in a client-facing role with the ability to deliver above expectations.

  • Navigating interdisciplinary workflows, communicating complex concepts and working with diverse stakeholders.

  • Practical experience in project development in one of the transmission infrastructure sectors is a big plus. 

    • Examples: wind farm export cables, interconnectors, overhead power lines, water transfer pipelines, hydrogen/CO2/hydrocarbon pipelines etc. 


  • Exposure to various stages of early stage projects like feasibility studies, strategic optioneering, routing and siting, public consultations, EIAs. 

  • Understanding of working with GIS data (especially working with QGIS) 

  • Appreciation of challenges in software product development 

  • In-depth expertise in a specific market or geographic area

    • Big points for past experience working in mainland Europe and the US

  • Good writing and communication skills, being able to produce high-quality and appealing deliverables

What You Get Out Of It
  • Salary: £35,000 to £50,000 annually (depending on experience) 

  • Ownership: You’ll own a piece of our company through our share option scheme.

  • Impact: You’ll work on projects that will bring electricity, water or hydrogen to thousands of people in a green and sustainable way.

  • Flexible working environment & hours; we're outcome-focused. Ideally, you will be within commuting distance from Edinburgh or London so that we can meet in person every few weeks.

  • Time off: 34 days of paid time off per year (including local holidays).

  • Extensive upskilling opportunities: Two learning days each month + learning budget

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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